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LearningPlanet is the worldwide premier provider of Microlearning soft skills video training content. Our 1 minute and 10 minute videos and workbooks are used by our partners worldwide because they are short, effective and engaging.

You can use any of our content on your own LMS or Marketplace or you can subscribe to access the content on our award-winning platform.

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Your Way

Your Platform

Your Platform

Use your own LMS and publish LearningPlanet’s ready-made content on it.

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Our PLatform

Our Platform

Use LearningPlanet’s high-quality original content on the LearningPlanet platform.

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Marketplace Partner

Marketplace Partner

Use LearningPlanet’s unique library of content for your own platform.

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Feature 1

Short, microlearning videos - anywhere, anytime, any device

LearningPlanet's microlearning videos and associated content can be used in any situation and on any device, allowing your people to learn wherever their workplace is.

Feature 2

Assign videos to users, by team or company-wide.

The LearningPlanet system permits maximum flexibility and uniformity, should you wish, by allowing the assigning of videos individually or across teams and company-wide.

Feature 3

Easily setup and structure your own teams and users.

Within your company a Company Admin can easily setup multiple teams of users each with their own managers who can oversee their people.

Who for

Front Line Staff

All content can be accessed via any internet device from any location. You can watch a video for a quick refresher, be assigned to do a specific video course by a manager or work through a learning pathway. Content is designed for front line staff working with customers.

Who for

Front Line Managers

You can assign your teams to watch video courses. You can play videos in daily huddles, team meetings, coaching sessions and mini training sessions. The Leadership video courses can be used to strengthen your own leadership skills.

Who for

Senior Managers

You have the knowledge that a library of soft skills content that can easily be embedded into training, inductions, refreshers and ongoing coaching can be a great strategic strength. All leaders can benefit from the leadership, stress and resilience and interpersonal content.

Who for

Human Resources and Learning Teams

The short video courses can be used for individuals rather than having to run group workshops or scheduling a calendar of workshops. Managers can ask the HR teams for content and can be directed where to go for specific individual training needs.

What our customers say

It’s a good way to engage with staff and for the cost of one day’s training you can put a whole team on LearningPlanet for a year.

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Mitsubishi Motors

I really enjoy the personal approach from the LearningPlanet team and also that there are new modules coming out all the time. The development of the resource in the last five years has been awesome!

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Family Planning

I can’t fathom why companies invest so heavily in classroom training when they can have a tool like this. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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NHP Electrical

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