Following years of experience and research in the training industry, the landscape is changing and so is the way training is being delivered and received.

Microlearning is the format of delivery training in bite-sized chunks and coupled with technology allows us to deliver training in a format that suits the emerging learner's needs – video. Here are 9 reasons why you should be considering video training for your organisation.


1. Length of Training Time

Video-based training can make a great impact in a short period of time. Short video clips require a shorter span of attention so there is less load on learners and information is easier to absorb, retain and recall. 


According to popular research – in 72 hours the average human can retain…10% of text, 65% of images, 95% of video


2. Easy to access learning anytime

With video training, your staff can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones.


YouTube Is the Number Two Search Engine in The World 


3. More cost-effective training delivery


An IBM training research paper showed that up to 40% of a course cost can be taken up by travel-related costs for classroom training. Add on top of this the costs of resources, environment and sheer volume of time for a group to be out of the productive work environment and you can see how the cost-effectiveness of video can stack up pretty fast.


Microsoft calculates that over 3 years, its video portal for employee training and knowledge sharing resulted in total costs saved and avoided of about $13.9 million per year. The ROI for the period was estimated at 569%   Microsoft


4. Learn whenever you want

Let your staff enjoy the process of learning whenever they want. Just upload your videos online.


3 in 5 young executives say they will rely more heavily on business-class video during the next five to 10 years Cisco



5. Learning at an individual pace

Every trainer knows that each person has their own pace of learning. With video, all can learn at their own individual pace, which will maximize the results of learning.


6. Easy to deliver

You can provide unlimited access to all your learning materials by uploading videos to the Intranet / Web or LMS.


7. More effective learning

Ongoing refresher ability. The videos can be watched over and over again as opposed to the once and done classroom delivery. This leads to an increase in staff confidence and productivity.


8. Just in time learning and application

By making your videos short, targeted and informative your staff can find what they need right when they need it and then apply the learning / techniques immediately. 


By YE18, 75% of workers at large organizations will interact with various kinds of video more than three times daily Gartner Research


9. Consistent messages

Using video clips ensures your staff receive the same message every single time no matter where they are. Compare this to using trainers who may dilute or change the context or no deliver consistently based on what their day is like.



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