Microlearning for small business

A small business lives and dies by the success of its team, so investing in team training is essential to the development of your business but as a small business who has the time or the budget? Microlearning for small businesses is a great way to quickly and efficiently train up you small team. But just what can microlearning courses do for small businesses?

1. Close More Deals With Better Sales Skills

With microlearning, you can make sales training more engaging, interesting and retain more while only taking minutes out of your employees’ day. Microlearning courses combine short, engaging videos and online content to make sales training quicker and more engaging but most importantly, more adaptive and accessible. With short-burst tips from 1 minute up to 10 minutes, on how best to pitch a product, communicate the benefits or sell to a customer, microlearning makes it easier to both learn new sales pitch, and also makes it easier to engage these new skills in a practical environment such as a quick review before entering a customer’s premises or making that sales phone call. This means your sales performances should see an almost immediate improvement.

2. Improved Communication within a Diverse Workforce

Today’s workforce is extremely generationally diverse. In order for everyone to have an understanding of one-another, you’ll need to provide training that enables them to communicate effectively. Doing this online makes for a more engaging and rewarding experience than in-person training and with the bitesize nature of online microlearning courses training can be run any where, any time on nearly any device . Microlearning can also help your team develop high quality communication skills which will not only enable them to communicate effectively with your customers, but also enables them to communicate internal issues or concerns with each other in a productive and effective manner such as at team meetings or performance meetings.

3. Have an Adaptable, Multi-Skilled Team

You no doubt have members of your team who are exceptional at what they do. But what happens when you need them to tackle a new challenge? Do you spend hours or the working day teaching them new skills, or just let them loose and hope for the best? Microlearning for small businesses offers a balance. You can train your staff quickly to deal with difficult, conflicting situations which they may not have dealt with in their previous position and let them apply their new skills immediately, with easy regular reviews or follow up helping them to retain what they have learnt. For example, if you need someone who is used to working in the back office to cover your customer service desk at short notice, microlearning courses can provide the chance for you to give that team member short, useful and easily retained information on how best to deal with customers to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Microlearning for small businesses can be a huge benefit. It could save you time and money and help your business develop with all the potential you know it has. To make the most of your small business and your team, take a look at our staff training microlearning

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