Recent studies imply that the average adult attention span is shrinking, which is only going to make training your sales team that much harder. Maybe your sales teams are spread out and it’s hard to get them together regularly?

Online Microlearning courses could provide a solution. By breaking sales training down into small, bite size chunks, microlearning courses make it easier for your sales team to absorb and retain new sales information. You can use microlearning to improve salesin a number of ways such as team meetings, or setting a series of content to be followed and regularly reviewed. By taking a variety of quick, easy and engaging forms microlearning courses can add a lot to the skills of your sales team while not taking them out for long periods of time.


Here are just some of the reasons microlearning can work wonders for your sales team:

Close More Sales

Your sales team will need to be able to communicate the benefits of your product to customers and show customers why they need your product in their lives. Because of mircolearning’s bitesize nature, your sales team will be able to interpret and retain this information with relative ease as well as taking on the necessary communication skills to get this message across. For example watching a quick video before entering a customer’s premises or making that sales phone call. Through bite-size blogs and videos demonstrating the correct way to pitch a product, or ask for the business, your sales team will develop an improved sales technique and product knowledge. 


Improved Self-Motivation Skills through reviews


Fired Up

The world of sales is highly competitive. And as a result sales teams don’t want to be stuck in classrooms learning training content, they want to be on the road or phone dealing with customers and making sales.


With the clever use of microlearning techniques that can range from 1 minute videos through to 10 minute videos with workbooks your sales teams can still up skill and refresh their knowledge while not eating into their sales day. Whether its using a video during a team meeting or having the sales teams review techniques before meeting with a customer they can now have all the training they need at their fingertips as and when they need it.


Increased Resilience in Difficult Situations

There’s one thing your sales team need above all other things, and that is resilience. They need to be able to keep perusing leads even if they initially find that they get nowhere. Video microlearning courses can help. By teaching your sales team effective communication skills, you’ll see an improvement in the way your sales team deal with difficult customers and peruse sales leads more successfully.


Microlearning can take a number of forms, and by making the most of these different forms you’ll find that your sales team picks up new skills and put them into practice much faster than they would with other eLearning techniques.

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