We have all heard the old adage “The customer is always right” and the customer is the most important part of this business but what happens when they aren’t? How many times have you been argued with as a customer? 

When that happens does it make you want to go back and deal with that company again? Of course not! So why does it happen?

I have heard the term “right mentality” the need to always be right, here is an example:


There are varying discussions around this point but in my experience the reason these arguments happen is simple POINT SCORING. If a customer is unhappy or wants to change something how is arguing or trying to point score going to win them over?



Here are some examples of what I mean:


Recently we purchased a product for a conference stand, the product turned up and simply was not as good as the ad had showed. We contacted the company for a return and their opening line was:


“That’s unusual as no one else has said anything or been unhappy with the product but yes you can return it”


Or this one when a motel booking was cut short by one day and agreed to by phone before the booking even commenced, on check out:


“But you’re leaving a day early” “Yes we called and changed our booking before we arrived” “Oh well no one told me, we wouldn’t normally do this but I will let you have it this once”


The words such as:

·        Just this once

·        We will let it go this time

·        We wouldn’t normally do it but yes this time

·        No one else has had this problem


WHY would you say this? If are going to give the customer the outcome they want don’t bother with the first part and the point scoring, simply move to the second stage and tell them what you CAN DO FOR THEM, not what your company policies are.


Present them with available solutions. If you need time to work on their concerns just say so.




An outstanding customer experience creates promoters, and promoters are valuable to a company as they will grow your business for you.


Stop trying to win points or get one over and be right all the time and start keeping your customers and growing your business.

Next time a customer has a negative or changed interaction with you STOP remove the first part of the conversation and go straight to telling them what you can do and watch the happy reaction from yet another satisfied customer.



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