Communication Training

Communication training includes using tone of voice and modulation, how to interpret language styles and deciphering body language, questioning and listening skills and many more topics which will all assist you in being a more effective communicator especially when you are in a customer service or sales role.  By applying a wide range of differing communication techniques you will increase your communication standards and effectiveness therefore leading to better service for all involved. This information readily available in our 1 minute and 10 minute videos.

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Communication Training

Some of the modules and areas you can study in the Communication Training area include:




Communication skills Difficult conversations

Email tips


Giving instructions Listening skills

Open and closed questions


Questioning skills Tone of voice

Overcoming Umms and Ahhs


Verbal holding Voice intonation


And many more topics available.

Watch a Sample Communication Training 1 Minute Video

Watch a Sample Communication Training 10 Minute Video