Leadership & Management Training

Whether you're just starting or you have been leading or in management for a long time, leadership development skills are something that are beneficial to everyone. Ensure that you have the training and skills that you need to be able to be lead your team through any situation. Our leadership and management techniques training enables you to study leadership at a time that suits you, whether at home, at work, or on a break.  This information readily available in our 1 minute and 10 minute videos as well as eLearning modules.

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Leadership Essentials Training

Some of the modules and areas you can study in the Leadership Training area include:





Addressing personal hygiene


Being a new leader Being assertive

Coaching for change


Courageous conversations Decision making



Employee engagement Giving feedback

Giving instructions


Grow model High performing teams

Managing change


Motivation Planning and holding meetings


And many more topics available.

Watch a Sample Leadership Training 1 Minute Video

Watch a Sample Leadership Training 10 Minute Video