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In House Video Production 

Learning Planet has provided us with outstanding service with a quick turnaround time. They took the time to make sure they clearly understood our needs. We valued Derek’s constructive feedback and insight throughout the process.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Derek and Craig. 





Reena Patel

Assessment Solutions Adviser




Team Leader:

"Learning Planet was able to provide me with the tool to assist my agents that had trouble with angry customers. After he did a couple modules, the number of escalations dropped from 3 a week, to 1 a month to none. Very impressive." Wijn Langeraar Slingshot New Zealand


Team Member:

"I found the modules 12. “Difficult customer types” and 15. “Difficult customer techniques” to be a crucial part of helping me retrain and turn the part of my job I found most difficult into something I was competent at.
It was about two years into my work on the helpdesk that I found dealing with upset customers overwhelming and lost control on calls. I had forgotten how to manage these scenarios effectively, and thankfully the modules provided me with effective solutions.

The module tasks and objectives put into perspective how simple and logical it is to stop and think of these situations as opportunities to understand the customer’s expectations and use this to turn the situation around. It has also been helpful to go back to these modules whenever I needed to refresh my memory of these techniques." Karl Wilshier Slingshot New Zealand



"Since implementing LearningPlanet into our Customer Service function the modules undertaken has seen a dramatic improvement in the performance of our employees.  The easy to use modules have provided a platform for efficient learning and most importantly provided a tool for our staff to deliver excellent customer service.

The modules offer reporting which provides staff transparency and has enabled us to prioritise and focus our efforts to those areas that are most critical for employees to enhance their skills. LearningPlanet has a great support team and they are only ever a phone call away and turnaround time is exceptional and the team are fantastic!”


Sharon Rudd - National Leadership, Sales & CS Consultant Human Resources

TNT Australia 



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